Cochise Stronghold Rock Climbing Guidebooks / Beta

Toofast Topos is your source for excellent, firsthand beta for Cochise Stronghold Rock Climbing.

Toofast Topos is the first dedicated rock climbing guidebook for Cochise Stronghold and one of only a few climbing guidebooks in the country based entirely on firsthand experience. The author has lead every pitch of every route in the the book, ground up, without pre-inspection. There are very few guidebook authors in the world that can make that claim.

We have been freely distributing beta since 2008 and our topos have been downlownloaded literally hundreds of thousands of times. We published our first book in 2014. Our second book, a huge project, will be ready for this fall!

Many thanks to "Canada" Eric Ruljancich for his design work on our new logo for the upcoming book!

Who's Toofast?

I’ve had a number of climbing companions over the years, but the one that this work is named for was my crag dog. I found Toofast along a freeway while returning from a climbing trip in New River Gorge in 1999. It didn’t take long before I realized I had stumbled on a remarkable animal. A couple of trips to the vet and a month or two later she was healthy enough to go climbing. She instantly adapted to the crags and rode along for 1,600 climbing days during her long and fun life. Toofast became well known for her friendly demeanor and natural talent for climbing. In 2008, when I discovered my enjoyment for drawing topos, I humorously started crediting them to her. The idea stuck and Toofast Topos was born.